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Child Safety Policy

Child Safety Policy

Pursuant to the Children’s Protection Act 1993, it is a legislative requirement that this practice has a ‘Code of Conduct’ and a ‘Child Safe Policy’ under which it operates.

These requirements reflect the broader community expectations that every child has a right to be safe from harm at all times and that they are cared for in a manner such that their well-being and future potential is protected at all times.

Golden Grove Health Centre, is subject to mandatory reporting requirements. As such any person who works or is a volunteer in this practice is required by law to notify the Department for Families and Communities should they suspect on reasonable grounds that a child is or has been the subject of abuse or neglect, provided that the suspicion is formed in the course of that person's work. The suspicion must be reported as soon as practicable after it was formed (max. penalty $10,000).
It is a legislative requirement that all current and future employees of the practice have had a valid criminal history assessment Contractors or volunteers (and students) who either work with children regularly within the practice or access their medical records are subject to the same requirement.

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